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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Self-Employed
Professionals, Salespeople and Others:

Are You Ready to Work Less, Make More Money
and Have More FUN?

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“Now Each and Every Month, You’ll Listen in as Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Authors and

Other Experts Spill the Beans on Their Most

Powerful Tips, Strategies and Secrets for

Success…and I’ll Even Give You the First

2 Months for FREE!”


"Join This Exciting New Program and Get the Latest Research,

Tools & Resources…Delivered Right to Your Mailbox Each Month.

And It Won’t Cost You One Red Cent for the First 2 Months!”


From: Brian Bartes

President of JWC Group

Tuesday, 10:30am


Dear Friend,


Something’s been weighing on me for a while, and I want to take a minute to get it off of my chest.


As you may already know, I coach successful small business owners, self-employed professionals, executives and others who are overworked, stressed out, and can’t figure out how to get off the treadmill of their endless quest to be successful. At JWC Group, we help people just like you figure out a way to have an amazing career and an amazing life, all at the same time. We call this program Work Less, Make More.


Here are just some of the struggles our clients experience before they begin working with us. Maybe you can relate to this:


·        They’re working 60, 70, 80 hours a week. Even when they’re not working, they are thinking about their business.

·        They haven’t had a vacation (or even a few days away from home) in years. Or if they have taken a vacation, they were constantly calling the office, checking their Blackberries, or lounging at the pool with their laptops.

·        They are either not making ends meet financially, or they’re earning a lot, but they’re sacrificing their health, relationships and sanity in order to do it.

·        They constantly think of new ideas, and receive new opportunities for their business, but nothing gets completed. Since they can’t say no and don’t know how to manage the constant flow of information, they find themselves in a constant state of overwhelm.

·        Their have a to-do list a mile long, but they can’t figure out why they can’t get more than a couple things crossed off their list.

·        They don’t have a life. Oh sure, they’re “successful” by most people’s standards. But their kids don’t know them, and their spouse wonders what happened to the person they married.


There are two things I know about entrepreneurs and professionals, and the obstacles that are preventing them from living the lives they are meant to live:


(1)  I know how to help them. I’ve been coaching for a long time, helping my clients to become even more successful in their careers and businesses, and doing so in a way that gives them time to enjoy their lives.


(2)  I can’t help all of them. To work less and make more myself, I simply don’t have the room in my schedule to coach everyone who wants to hire me. Not only that, but many others who need a coach can’t afford one. Working with me one-on-one is expensive, and it’s not for everyone.


So I’ve been trying to come up with a program that helps people to work less, make more, and make more of their lives, but is still affordable for everyone. I wanted to create a support structure similar to our coaching program, so you can learn, grow, and stay motivated on a consistent basis.


It’s finally here, and we call it the

Monthly Interview Series


Click here to join



Here’s what you get as a Charter Member of this exciting new program:

Monthly Interviews With Me and Hand-Picked Experts in the Areas of Business Growth, Marketing, Success, and Personal Development


Every month, I’ll interview experts in different areas of business and success who have incorporated the powerful concepts of working less and making more into their own lives, and often helped others to do the same. Many of the people I interview will be big names you will recognize, while others will be successful business owners, self-employed professionals and others you may not have heard of.


I’ll pick their brains, and uncover specific strategies that paved their way to success. These interviews tend to be more intimate and candid, than say, a keynote speaker at a seminar or even a tele-seminar. (Sometimes they actually forget they’re being recorded!)


Once a month, every month, you’ll discover:


·        Real-world success stories of people who have built six- and seven-figure businesses…on their own terms.

·        Personal success principles that will help you to create the results you want faster, easier, and with greater predictability than you could on your own.

·        Money-making strategies so you can increase your income without working more hours to do it.

·        Successful tools, techniques and systems to help your business run smoothly…whether you’re there or not.

·        Mistakes to avoid along the way, saving you both time and money.


Each month, you’ll get a ton of “step-by-step techniques” for personal and professional development. And with each interview, you’ll take away actionable, results-oriented ideas that will literally program you for success.


CD Recordings of Each and Every Interview
Mailed Directly to Your Door!


I spent a lot of time thinking about how I should share these interviews. I could’ve sent them by email…or e-newsletters…I could’ve written a book or hosted a series of webinars.


I want to make it convenient for you to listen to each interview, and also provide a valuable tool for ongoing learning. So I decided to make an audio recording of each interview…and mail it directly to your door!


Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy from your monthly CD:


·        Convenience – Seminars, webinars, and other forms of speaking engagements are great, but it’s hard to fit them into an already jam-packed calendar. With CDs, you can listen to them at your convenience – in your car, on an airplane, in your office, in the gym, or even on a sandy beach in the tropics!


·        No travel required – Experts generally charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a live speaking engagement. With CDs, you don’t have to pay those expensive fees – or travel expenses. Yet you still get the same high-quality information!


·        Listen again and again – As Tony Robbins says, “Repetition is the mother of skill.” With your CD subscription, you will have your interviews at your fingertips, so you can replay them whenever (or wherever) you need inspiration or new ideas.


·        No dress code required – Unlike a pricey seminar, you can listen to a CD in your pajamas, workout attire, or even that leopard print Speedo! (Ok, maybe not.)


Written Transcripts of Each and Every Interview


In addition to the CD, you’ll also receive a word-for-word transcript of each month’s interview. You can read and follow along with the audio recording, or just read the transcript by itself. Our members tell us they appreciate being able to underline, highlight and make notes on this printed version of the monthly interview. 

Monthly Newsletter Featuring Additional Information, Strategies and Resources


You’ll also receive an information-packed newsletter with each CD. Your monthly newsletter will summarize the most important techniques and concepts from that month’s interview. It will also contain articles, featured products, inspirational quotes, and other hot topics of interest. You’ll want to keep this with your CD, so you can review them on a regular basis.


Access to My Own Personal "Million Dollar Rolodex"

I can’t begin to tell you how many hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve spent trying to find the best contacts, vendors, resources and information to run my businesses. After a few years of blood, sweat and tears, I have built a list of resources that I either use personally and find invaluable, or that have come to me with the highest of recommendations.


I’ll give you an All Access Pass to my complete list of vendors, tools and resources that I use every day in my business, and you can use in yours, too.


Whether you want to order CD/DVD cases, register a domain name, print your next book or install a shopping cart system for your website, this directory will save you considerable time and money.



Here's How to Get Your 2-Month

Trial Membership for FREE...


To activate your 2-Month Trial in our new Success Circle Monthly Interview Series, sign up now below via our online registration form.


Then, after your first 60 days, you will be automatically charged the lowest price I will ever offer this program: only $47.00 a month.




Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, 100% ironclad money-back guarantee. 


If after testing the waters for 60 days, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply let us know via phone or email, and we will STOP charging your credit card immediately.


No questions, no hassles, no problem. If you’re not increasing your income, reducing the hours you work, and having more fun, then we don't want your money.


That said, I know that once you experience the Success Circle Monthly Interview Series you’ll be hooked, because you’ll be blown away every month by the tips, techniques and strategies to make more money in your business, AND have more time to enjoy your life.


Take it from me, you’ll thank your lucky stars you joined…and you’ll probably wish there was a way to listen to more than one interview a month!


(Remember, I’m SO sure of it that I’m giving you an entire 2 months for FREE!)


Go ahead and just click here to get started with your first interview rushed out to your door totally at my risk!





"Yes Brian, I Want to Take You Up on Your Generous Offer for 2 FREE MONTHS of Your New "Success Circle Monthly Interview Series"... to Teach Me the Secrets to Working Less, Making More Money, and Making More of My Life!”


I understand I'll pay nothing for my entire trial period. After my 2-month trial, my credit card will be automatically charged the special introductory member rate of $47.00 a month. And as long as I remain a member in good standing, I'll continue to have access to these membership benefits:

  • Monthly Interviews with you and your hand-selected experts in the areas of Business Growth, Marketing, Success, and Professional Development.
  • CD Recordings of each and every interview delivered right to my door.
  • Written Transcripts of each interview so I can follow along with the recordings, or read by itself.
  • Monthly Newsletters with articles, featured products, inspirational quotes, and other hot topics of interest.
  • Access to your "Million Dollar Rolodex", giving me inside access to the list of people, tools, and resources that you use in your business.

I understand that I'm investing in the Success Circle at NO RISK whatsoever, because I can cancel my membership at anytime. I also understand that if I choose to cancel my membership I will lose all access to these privileges at that time, AND if I choose to cancel and then choose to re-join, I am not guaranteed a spot back in the group or membership at this introductory rate.






I look forward to welcoming you to the Success Circle!


To your success,




Brian Bartes



P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk for you to join the Success Circle. Try it out for two months and see the results for yourself. But you need to reserve your spot now.


P.P.S. How much is your success worth to you? If you’re a little unsure or balking on the price, then you probably wouldn’t implement the strategies and techniques anyway. I don’t want Success Circle members unless they’re 100% committed to taking action based on the information coming their way each and every month. I’ve done my part to make it as risk-free as possible – now it’s up to you to activate your subscription.



Click Here Now to Join and Claim Your FREE 2-Month Trial


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