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Andrea Nierenberg —Author, Founder/President of
The Nierenberg Group

Million Dollar Networking

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In this interview, you will learn:

  • What networking is...and what it isn’t
  • Why networking isn’t just for extroverts
  • The one thing you must do to network effectively
  • Why networking is a vital part of your business plan
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when networking (These can make or break your relationships!)
  • Specific techniques and tools to ensure your networking success
  • What not to do with your business card (Don’t miss this one!)
  • The latest phenomenon in networking (and how to take advantage of it)
  • And more!

Andrea is the founder and president of The Nierenberg Group, an innovative communications consulting firm that The Wall Street Journal calls a “networking success story.” With a stellar 25 years as a leader in sales and marketing, Andrea is an in-demand business expert, both at home and around the globe. Her company partners with the world’s leading businesses in diversified industries throughout the world.

In addition, Andrea is the author of three best-selling books, all of which have become essential reading for entrepreneurs, business owners and self-employed professionals. Andrea also speaks around the globe and her travels have taken her to companies and conferences across the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa.

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