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Success Circle gives me real-life business tactics that I can apply immediately. There is a wealth of information that is presented each month, and I look forward to each new interview. Highly recommended to any entrepreneur or seasoned business owner that wants to take their company to the next level.

Dwight Zahringer
Trademark Productions, Inc.


Thanks so much for Success Circle. I really like your interviews! They provide great listening material while I am running, flying or driving. The only critical comment I would make is to do more interviews – maybe two a month. As soon as I finish listening to the interview, I have to wait a whole month before the next one arrives!

Edward DeJesus
President and Founder
Youth Development and Research Fund, Inc.

Hey Brian,

I wanted to tell you, I just finished the CD—the most recent Success Circle, with the Greg Hatcher interview. And I wanted to tell you that you nailed it! That was by far the best one of the four I’ve gotten. I don’t know if it just his infectious personality or what. He’s not in my field, but he gave me a ton of great advice and great concepts that I can easily apply to my business. There’s a lot in this interview that I’m going to try to apply piece by piece. I just need to be diligent about it and making my employees accountable for it. You did a great job, and I appreciate it!

Kevin Main
Main’s Landscape Supply


What Brian’s Guests Are Saying...

Brian Bartes is a fabulous interviewer, and his Success Circle Monthly Interview Series is a wonderful coterie of resources, inspiration, and information that can help you take the next steps in your life.

David Allen

Two things really stand out with Brian Bartes and Success Circle. First, Brian drills down in his interviews to what specifically we can do that will generate revenue and business growth with the minimal outlay of time, rather than just turning it into more manual labor that we have to do when we’re already overworked and overstressed. The second is just the total focus on value being delivered during the calls. It’s all meaty content. The questions are great, and Brian’s guests deliver specific answers which can be acted on, used and benefited from by anyone listening. Brian does a great job, and Success Circle Monthly is fantastic!

Michael Cage

Success Circle is a great place for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone that wants to take their business or their career to the next level. Brian Bartes is, first of all, a great guy. But more important than that, his interviews are filled with great content.  I am a big fan of Success Circle, and you should be, too. Brian, awesome job. Continue the great work!

Craig Duswalt
Creator of the RockStar System for Success
Toured with Guns N’ Roses as Axl Rose’s personal manager

Thank you for the terrific interview, Brian. If I had a 14th Rule to Success, it would be “Listen to the Success Circle Monthly Interview Series!

Joe Girard, the World’s Greatest Salesman
(as listed by the Guinness Book of World Records)

Brian Bartes and the Success Circle Interview process is something that you ought to listen to. You ought to “jump inside The Circle.”  I’ve been a part of many, many programs, from Oprah on down, and the content Brian delivers every month is great stuff.  I went on the website, I listened to what he had done, I checked him out, and it’s great information. It’s top quality content from top quality people.

Frank McKinney
Maverick Daredevil Real Estate Artist

I'm very delighted to be a part of the Success Circle Monthly. It is an excellent compilation of experts and speakers with heart and integrity and soul and being able to reach out and make a bigger difference on the planet. So thank you, Brian.

Mari Smith
Social Media Consultant, Speaker & Trainer

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